Online Mixing and Mastering:

Send in your stem files recorded at your own home or studio to be mixed and mastered.

Bring your mixes to life with thorough editing of files, dynamic levelling, subtractive EQ, harmonic enhancement and subtle compression.

Create thick dynamic masters or dirty crushed slammers depending on what you want out of your track.

Using a selection of pro secret techniques and high quality digital plug ins turn your great sounding mixes into ear orgasms.

I will always master my mixes as part of the prices but you can also have a 24 bit high quality files should you wish to take it somewhere else.

Mixing - £150 per track (base price)

Mastering - £30 per Track


Live recordings:

The studio is a converted summer house based in Banstead, Surrey (easily accessible by train or

bus and on street parking available). I use this space to track, write with and mix most of the

bands I work with.

Before inviting anyone to the studio, I will ask to meet up first. The studio is at a private location due to security, and therefore I don't advertise it on Google Maps!

The studio is a stress free area with space to play and relax.

Either have your stem files sent to you afterwards or have it mixed. Its up to you!

Please email for prices on studio rental


Further Advice:


If you need help with home recording or advice on home production, please get in contact before sending over your files as I will check over any stems before mixing for any peaks or bad cuts.